St. Luke’s nursery and daycare is a unique renovation project, combining the needs of the church and the requirements of daycare. While this space is used by the church, its main function is as a daycare facility for the local community.

Separated into two areas, the classrooms on the south end and the nursery on the north end, cover approximately 11,950 square feet, including a public corridor and two reception areas. The owner’s objective for this renovation was to increase room sizes, bring the spaces up to code and update the look the entire education program. “Taking a Walk with Jesus” was the theme that was chosen by the church for this renovation and thus became the inspiration for the interior design. The challenge, as with any project, was to design a space that the client/owner envisioned and to do so within budget.

Color was used through intricate flooring patterns translating different themes for each classroom: backyard, mountain, rain forest, garden, beach and town square.

The project won an interior design award from the Oklahoma Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers.

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