ADG worked with members of St. Eugene Catholic Church to design a new 800-seat sanctuary for the parish.

The church is configured in a traditional cruciform plan. Atop the nave is a 70-foot-tall dome. An open baptistry is located at the back of the church. The altar features a balticchino—an altar with a canopy. The choir and musicians are located behind the altar. The niches at the north and west transepts, like many places in the church, allow several beloved art pieces and statuary to be presented.

Materials are brick with cast-stone detailing and a split-faced masonry block base. The roof and dome are metal clad to resemble copper.

A gallery links the new 20,000-square-foot building to the existing church and school complex. The design for the new sanctuary building responds to the community’s desire for an enduring statement of God’s presence in the world through Romanesque massing and traditional materials, while addressing contemporary aspirations for function, comfort and building maintenance.

ADG also worked with the parish to renovate their former sanctuary for use as a parish hall.

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