St. Anthony Hospital engaged ADG to provide design services for a large addition to the hospital. An entirely new state-of-the-art surgery department was created in this 100-year-old inner city hospital adding a 22,500-square-foot surgery suite at the fifth floor atop an existing outpatient building. Renovated space within the existing hospital is approximately 66,000 square feet.

Fifteen operating rooms were added above the existing structure. The program was established with the help of hospital administration and staff, and departments have been organized accordingly. The first priority was to generate a plan to direct smooth and efficient functioning of the involved departments. Circulation patterns were analyzed so that patient flow, as well as efficient movement of supplies, could be established.

The 88,500-square-foot project signaled the beginning of a massive development with goals of revitalizing the hospital’s image in the community and within the medical profession. As the design of the new surgery department developed, the changes to the exterior plainly show a healthcare facility that is stepping into the future and making a positive impact on its neighborhood and community.

In addition, the firm worked with hospital administrators on a campus master plan, designed a 100,000-square-foot physicians office building, a new hospital entry on the east, including a glass-walled gallery, as well as a landscaped entry drive with a sculpture garden and expanded parking.

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