The new state-of-the-art proton facility is a 53,000-square-foot type 2B unprotected facility.  The project is a very complex medical treatment facility that required unusually stringent tolerances for materials and equipment.  It consists of two building types.  The treatment rooms themselves are cast-in-place concrete with ceiling thicknesses up to 12 feet. The offices, clinical spaces and public areas are structural steel framing and integral decking.

While ADG acted as the owner’s “eyes and ears” providing on-site inspection services, the firm was also charged with achieving effective and timely communication on the site. This was particularly challenging in an environment where equipment design drove the building details.  Because of the fast-track nature of the project, equipment was designed and manufactured concurrently with the construction process. Even though equipment was redesigned in Switzerland during construction, the facility was completed—including equipment installation and testing—in a then world-record 27 months.  This was only the sixth proton therapy center in the United States designed for proton therapy treatment.

In conjunction with a Boston-based architect, ADG reviewed payment requests and lien waivers and recommended payment approval to the owner.  ADG performed daily site visits and inspections to confirm quality and schedule compliance throughout every phase of construction, including during equipment installation. Building costs were approximately $25 million of the overall $103.5 million facility budget.

As with any revenue-generating facility, staying on time and on budget were paramount; ADG’s efforts focused on making this project financially successful. Equipment testing took place over the course of the year prior to the first patients being welcomed in July 2009.

Building Facts:

_ 55,000 sf of total building
_ 14,000 cubic yards of concrete
_ 10 miles of conduit
_ 20 miles of cable and wire
_ 2.2 million pounds of rebar
_ Accelerator vault has 9-foot thick walls and an 11’-7”-thick concrete roof
_ Cyclotron is 9 feet in diameter. It had to be delivered in two pieces each weighing 120 tons.
_ Contractor was Linbeck
_ Design by Tsoi Kobus, Boston

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