ADG provided design services for the new Public Inebriate Alternative Facility location. Formerly housed in Bricktown, the facility was relocated to its new home on Linwood Boulevard in order to provide more space for the program.  The Public Inebriate Alternative Facility provides social services for clients who would otherwise be incarcerated due to public intoxication.

The 7,800-square-foot space includes the holding area for clients of the Public Inebriate Alternative program, the administrative offices for the non-profit organization OKC Metro Alliance, Inc., as well as the Firstep recovery program offices.

Interior finishes feature calming neutral colors, simple materials and free-flowing traffic patterns within the administrative spaces. Exterior renovation was limited, incorporating new windows, awnings and paint. The holding area was designed to include the Facility Administrator’s office, a laundry room, a storage room, a commercial kitchen, and ladies and men’s dorms equipped with cots and showers. The entire area is locked at all times and includes a separate entrance for secure drop-off.

The Art in Public Places program afforded the addition of a sculpture complementing the main entrance. The piece, titled “365,” is composed of individual metal squares at various angles to represent the 365 days in a calendar year alluding to recovery’s motto “take it one day at a time.” Artist is Stan Carroll.

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