Two new residential colleges at the University of Oklahoma each house over 300 residents in a variety of unit types. Utilizing the “residential college community” model, the new housing facilities are designed as living/learning communities that, by their nature, build strong communities and identities, becoming the cornerstone of the undergraduate experience for their residents.

The facilities, located south of the football stadium at the southwest corner of Jenkins Avenue and Lindsey Street, opened for the fall semester 2017 with 600 upperclassmen (300 students in each building).

OU is the first university in the state and one of the first public universities in the nation to adopt the residential college model. The Residential Colleges were designed to build close bonds between the students who will live there for three years and will associate closely with faculty fellows in each college.

Taking cues from residential colleges on Ivy League campuses such as Harvard, Yale, Oxford and Cambridge, each building features a faculty master apartment and office, dormitories, private parking, seminar/conference rooms, lounges, study areas, libraries and dining rooms. The two residential colleges are also connected by a communal dining area and storm shelter, and each boasts a house motto, colors, crest and athletic teams. The architectural design of each college was influenced by the Cherokee Gothic style featured on several buildings throughout the campus.

There are three main parts to each college (Headington College and Dunham College): a living space, a learning place, and, most importantly, a fellowship space.

The goal of the residential college model is to create a permanent hub of activity on campus to be enjoyed by students throughout their undergraduate years, creating relationships and a lasting sense of identity.

ADG also designed a new 1,200-space parking garage located south of the new residential colleges. The structure blends in with the established brick and cast stone architecture.

ADG was initially hired to create a master plan for expanding student campus housing. A team including ADG, KWK Architects and Brailsford & Dunleavy looked at existing housing and facilities as well as available campus sites and near-campus housing competition. Students were surveyed to determine optimal rental prices, unit sizes and configurations, and desired amenities.

ADG, P.C. served as Architect of Record and provided interior design as well as civil and mechanical engineering. KWK Architects was the team’s design architect. Wallace Engineering served as structural engineer, Alvine Engineering provided electrical engineering and MA+ Architects did the furniture. JE Dunn served as construction manager.

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