ADG is working as part of a design-build team to renovate the exterior of the historic Oklahoma State Capitol. Phase One work includes over $20 million worth of work starting with assessing and recording the conditions of all exterior limestone, brick and other materials. The team’s scope of work includes presenting options and budgets for repairs and improvements that will allow the building to serve the state well for generations. Phase Two includes $32 million for additional renovations of the stone battlements, all windows, doors, entrance stairs and ramps, light wells, sidewalks, plazas and terraces. In addition, an existing pedestrian tunnel leading from remote parking, under an arterial roadway into the basement of the Capitol will be upgraded with improved waterproofing, lighting and emergency systems.

The goal of the project is to return the building to a semblance of its former glory by using the original architecture while replacing key systems like weatherproofing, sealants, attachments and wall penetrations as needed. A separate team is working on building interiors.

Improvements in engineering systems will be integrated into the architecture throughout.

The Capitol, built exactly 100 years ago, has 452,508 square feet of interior floor area.

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