The Oklahoma City Municipal Facilities Authority engaged ADG to provide design services for the Municipal Courts Building and Police Headquarters.

The 65,000-square-foot Municipal Courts Building contains six courtrooms on three floors. Its facade is consistent with the Civic Center District vernacular of limestone brick work that reflects 1930’s Art Deco design elements. The three-story atrium lobby includes a dramatic monumental stair. Interior finishes are custom wood millwork with natural stone courtroom entry surrounds and countertops, and granite benches. The judge’s chambers are on the third floor along with the courts administrative offices and municipal counselor’s offices. Natural lighting is abundant due to the large curtain wall glazing systems.

The building is secured by a combination of physical, electronic and operational security measures. There are three security zones: public, secure and restricted. Public screening takes place in the one-story vestibule located outside of the atrium lobby. This space includes security screening stations, ample room for public queuing and an express lane for employees and off-hour payment windows.

ADG designed the building to complement the Art Deco style of the historic buildings in the Civic Center district. The design also echoes that of the 85,000-square-foot Oklahoma City Police Headquarters, that ADG also designed, which is located one block away and was completed in fall 2015.

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