The City of Oklahoma City engaged ADG to design a new Police Headquarters that would showcase state-of-the-art community policing. The new headquarters is built to last. Durable materials and finishes make sure that it serves the city well into the future. And, even though the new police headquarters is only 11% larger than the old headquarters, the program created much more efficient work areas.

The Police Headquarters was built on the existing police parking lot located on the western edge of downtown Oklahoma City’s Civic Center. The new three-story building is a modern adaptation of the Civic Center District design style. Sitting atop the 88,000-square-foot headquarters is a sloped diamond-shaped metal atrium roof—or “hat”—that is an iconic identifier for the downtown area. Blonde, black and red brick, as well as tan calcium silicate masonry units resembling limestone, clad the four quadrants of the building. The stone work reflects the Art Deco design elements of surrounding WPA-era buildings constructed in the 1930s.

The existing police headquarters and municipal courts complex had become obsolete and would have been too costly to renovate. The first step in the process was to create a master plan the evaluated the existing 1960s structure and prioritized department needs.  The design team explored over 25 design scenarios before presenting three that maximized construction dollars, while minimizing construction time and disruption to services.

The police headquarters was dedicated in November 2015. Construction on the Municipal Courts began in summer 2015.

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