The Norman Forward program is designed to improve the quality of life in the community. The $200+ million capital improvement program includes renovations, expansions and new construction. Projects include multiple parks, athletic venues, public art, trails, swim complexes and two new libraries. Also included are traffic improvements and a street extension.

This citizen-initiated program, which is being funded through a 15-year earmarked sales tax, includes 12 projects spanning the entire city at an estimated cost of $148 million. It also includes other program expenses at an estimated cost of $55.4 million.

ADG was hired in 2015 as program manager to initially work on all the large building projects. The ADG team works with the City and community groups on public outreach and collects information on citizen preferences to integrate into the building programs and test the various buildings’ functional designs. As projects move through design and construction, ADG reviews design documents and oversees construction so that project goals, including budgets and schedules are met.

Program Goals & Budget

Central Branch Library – $39.0 million

East Branch Library – $5.1 million

Westwood Aquatic Center –  $12.0 million

Indoor Aquatics Center – $14.0 million

Indoor Multi-sport Center – $8.5 million

Senior Center T- BD

Total – $78.6 million

Several projects are currently various phases of design or construction.

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