Mustang is one of the fastest growing cities in Oklahoma. City planners hired the ADG/Halff team to update Mustang’s comprehensive plan in order to make the best use of all land within the 12-square-mile city limits. The comprehensive plan helps city administrators and citizens alike carefully consider each development proposal on its own merits as well as its possible impact on existing and future residents.

Work on planning and public outreach is complete with a final report scheduled for Spring 2017. The updated plan will establish specific, feasible actions and policies. Deliverables will include updating community maps, supporting data and technical components.

The plan identified several important goals for the community including the provision of new infrastructure, improvement to their park system, creation of new bike an pedestrian facilities and improved community design along the city’s major arterial.

ADG’s largest contribution to this effort focused on identifying possible sties for the creation of a new town center for Mustang. The community developed along a highway and its relatively recent population growth left it without a traditional downtown, which left many residents wishing for a stronger heart to their community. ADG worked with stakeholders to identify three possible sites that could become the new town center and provided build-out scenarios for all three.

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