ADG has worked with Mayflower Congregational Church on several projects over the course of the past few years: a new Christian education wing, a major renovation of the sanctuary and most recently a memorial garden.

The sanctuary remodel began as a pipe organ replacement and resulted in a beautifully renovated worship space. Pieces of the old organ were repurposed and incorporated into the new instrument. Carpet was replaced with tile throughout the sanctuary to improve sound reverberation. A portion of the walls on either side of the chancel were removed allowing more of the sound to carry from the chancel to the nave.  The choir was relocated to face the congregation in an ensemble fashion so that all of their voices are directed toward the congregation. Other upgrades include new lighting, tile flooring and renovated balcony finishes.

ADG led a collaborative effort to create a significant transformation of the dimly-lit, cramped space with poor acoustics into a luminous, airy space where the congregation can enjoy sparkling music and the clear voices of the ministers and the choir.

The 7,700-square-foot education wing is new construction that employs durable, colorful materials and is filled with ample daylight via a large central skylight. The school is a model for autism education, but also serves the congregation’s toddlers for Sunday school.

The memorial garden is located between the sanctuary and education wing. The sacred garden contains columbarium niches, lush planting and shaded seating areas that create a peaceful retreat in a simple, serene, life-affirming space. This is the first phase of the garden. In the next phase, a pergola and water feature will be added.

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