ADG completed a renovation of interior finishes for the Chapel Hill United Methodist church sanctuary with key goals in mind: to improve acoustics, provide a cohesive and updated aesthetic and to create more room for performing artists. The sanctuary provides seating for 650.

To improve the projection of sound from the altar platform, large-scale porcelain tiles were installed to replace the original carpet. The selection of the marble wall tile, the millwork details and the design of the liturgical elements were carefully planned to create a cohesive appearance giving the impression that the space was designed at one point in time rather than over the past couple of decades. New carpet, new pews and pew fabric tie all the interior finishes together and provide a beautiful, fresh look to the sanctuary.

ADG designed all of the liturgical elements: lectern, pulpit, altar, and communion rail. Recessed panel veneer for the organ pipe enclosure and wainscot was replaced throughout. The firm also designed the new enclosure for the AV systems operator in the back of the sanctuary.

The last goal of creating more room for performing artists was accomplished by eliminating the front row of pews and installing interlocking chairs so that they can be removed when additional floor space is needed.

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