Casady’s 44,000-square-foot Middle Division classroom building, which sits on the same site as the old O’Donahue classroom building, beautifully merges with the campus’ central lake, creating a showcase for learning.

The building is similar to its neighbors in size and materials, but its non-linear floor plan makes it a unique building on campus. The prominent tower, on the building’s south side, is visible across campus. Monumental stairs, high quality building materials and classical details illustrate the school’s commitment to the importance of environment on learning success.

The Middle Division building opens up its arms to the nearby lake and creates a play area in between. The siting of the building sensitively connects the northern edge of campus back to the central lake and recreates the veranda of the old building, so important to many alumni. The interior allows each grade level its own space and promotes interaction between students and faculty.

The covered porch on the east serves both to shelter students arriving and departing campus by car and as a covered main entry. Materials are brick and cast stone.

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