The Casady School Activity Center was dedicated in Fall 2015. The 8,3000-square-foot structure functions as a multipurpose building with a central assembly space and generous storage space.

The activity center doubles as a safe room for students and staff during weather events. The reinforced concrete frame at the core of the building is faced with brick and is designed to mesh with nearby residential-style buildings on the rest of campus.

Aluminum windows at the lobby and vestibule are designed to bring daylight into the center of the building, although they are not part of the protected safe room at the heart of the structure.

The building is sandwiched between the primary division and lower division buildings on the east side of the campus’s central lake and connected via a brick arcade so that travel on wet days is easy and safe. The building is also designated for recess activities on rainy and snowy days and serves as the spot for afterschool activities and special lower division assemblies.

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