Repairing damaged waterproofing in this 40-year-old plaza with underground parking and commercial spaces was the impetus for the building owner to hire a design/build team led by ADG.

The first part of the “fix” required all brick pavers and precast planters to be removed and replaced with a new waterproof barrier topped with decorative colored concrete and charcoal gray plaster-finished planters with gray cast stone caps.

Inviting steel and aluminum shade pavilions furnished with comfortable metal chairs and tables were added to attract the public into the plaza. The fountain on the busy downtown corner—which had been the source of much of the water damage—was in-filled and planted, although the kinetic sculpture —original to the building—was carefully protected during construction and reinstalled. New brushed steel guardrails along the plaza’s southern edge enclose the space without closing it off. New signage, lighting and building glazing at the street level were also part of the project. New black concrete low-rise steps were replaced broken brick steps that had run almost the entire length of the plaza. Visitors can now access the shade of the plaza as well as the office building entrance more easily. What was once a foreboding windswept buckling expanse of brick pavers has been transformed into a piece of urban cool, almost an oasis on a hot summer workday.

The existing split-level parking structure adjacent to the plaza was in need of restoration. ADG distilled the design concepts for the plaza and applied them to the facade of the garage and developed new wayfinding and main entry signage.

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